RJ Legend Wheel-Organizer Wooden Fidgets Set

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Designed by UGears, RJ Legends Wheel-Organizer Wooden Construction Set is ideal for grown-ups and kids. They are made entirely from wooden materials and assemble easily without glue or toothpicks. The Wheel-Organizer model: craft kinetic storage for up to 6 pens and pencils with a beautiful Steampunk planetary mechanism inside. Having twisted the wheel, as the genuine captain, you can choose the direction and… the right assistant – pen or pencil – for a project you are working on. The model kit is comprised of 51 parts. You will work with a natural material that is nice to the touch and gives you a very pleasant feel. It’s easy to build and nice to give as a present or compliment to your friends and colleagues.

The pre-cut parts are made from high-quality and sustainable wooden material and fit together like a puzzle. Use them to organize your thoughts and ideas, drive new insights, relieve stress, and regain control over your emotions. Let them become your everyday life companions as key charms or original trinkets. The premium natural wood is used to create the miniature ornaments 3D puzzle. Each puzzle piece is laser cut, then each edge is carefully sanded to ensure smoothness. Only taking 1 hour to assemble, a model kit that looks authentic is one that is embellished with realistic detailing. Being able to customize all surfaces makes it the perfect DIY wood toy project for a pastime. Once put together, the wheel organizer puzzle fidgets craft kit will stay put and be ready to use to store your pens and/or pencils. Recommended ages 5 years old and up.

    • UNIQUE AND FUNCTIONAL DESIGN - The RJ Legend wheel organizer 3D wooden puzzle Wheel-Organizer model features a gorgeous steampunk planetary mechanism with artisan kinetic storage for up to 6 pens and pencils.
    • A STEP-BY-STEP ILLUSTRATED INSTRUCTION - Spend about 1 hour admiring the beautiful wooden construction set. The wheel organizer has the basic mechanics that let the wooden puzzle fidget by turning the wheel.
    • ENGAGE YOUR MIND - The high-quality plywood design of the Mars Space Buggy 3D puzzle will assist to improve creativity and fine motor skills while making every moment special and entertaining. It is composed of eco-friendly materials.
    • AWESOME GIFT FOR EVERYONE - The puzzle organizer is a great gift for adults and children and makes an excellent addition to any collection for any DIY lover.
    • EDUCATIONAL PUZZLE KIT - How can kids learn while having fun? Children can enjoy assembling this 3D space puzzle toy while simultaneously exercising and growing their imagination, creativity, and hand-eye coordination. Let them comprehend the Mars Buggy scientific premise!


    • Material: Wooden materials
    • SKU: UTG0051
    • Size (inches): 4.3" L x 3.5" W x 3.7" D 
    • Weight: 0.20 LBs
    • Gender: Unisex 
    • Package Size: 10.8" L x 7.3" W x 0.2" D in 
    • Package Weight: 1 LBs 

    1. What is the Wheel-Organizer Wooden Construction Set?

    ANSWER: The Wheel-Organizer Wooden Construction Set is a 3D wooden puzzle kit designed by UGears and sold under the RJ Legends brand. It features a steampunk planetary mechanism and can be used as a functional organizer for pens and pencils.

    2. How many parts does the kit contain?

    ANSWER: The Wheel-Organizer kit contains 51 pre-cut wooden parts that fit together like a puzzle. No glue or tools are required for assembly.

    3. What age range is the kit suitable for?

    ANSWER: The kit is recommended for ages 5 years and up. Children can enjoy assembling the puzzle while improving their fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination.

    4. Is the kit environmentally friendly?

    ANSWER: Yes, the kit is composed of eco-friendly materials, specifically high-quality plywood. The wood is sustainably sourced and each puzzle piece is laser cut with careful attention to detail.

    5. Is the Wheel-Organizer Wooden Construction Set a good gift idea?

    ANSWER: Yes, the Wheel-Organizer Wooden Construction Set makes an excellent gift for anyone who enjoys DIY projects, puzzles, or steampunk-themed decor. It is also a great way to relieve stress and improve focus.