Save Money Program

If you have already purchased RJ Legend or Cozyville product on our website or authorized sales channels: 

  1. Register your purchase information on the Warranty Registry page
  2. Shoot a small video about our product review, about 30 to 60 sec, and upload to one of the social medias: YouTube/ Instagram/Facebook/Tiktok, tag us and email us with the link and screenshot.
  3. Post a photo with our product and write an article about our product in more than 350 to 500 words. Please email us with the link and screenshot. 

If you did these things for us, shoot a video or write an article for us, then you will get one of the following. Up to 2 entries allowed per order. 

  • 15 USD Gift Card (Available to use on our website only), when you buy things over 50 USD, then you can use this gift card. 
  • OR 1 Mini Pot, 8.5oz (Value at $26.5)
  • OR 1 Slotted Strainer (Value at $15)
  • OR 1 Soup Ladle (Value at $15)
  • OR 1 9" Champagne / Silver Tree (Value at $39.99)

Please contact us if you are interested. Email: