RJ Legend Steampunk Clock Wooden Fidgets, Self-Assemble Set

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Designed by UGears, RJ Legends Steampunk Clock Fidget Wooden Construction Set is ideal for grown-ups and kids. They are made entirely from wooden materials and assemble easily without glue or toothpicks. The Steampunk gear clock is built of aromatic, natural plywood, the quality of which has been examined by labs across Europe. The model is a fantastic option for an eco-gift because of its unique design and environmentally friendly materials. The 3D puzzle "Steampunk Clock" is here to remind you of the genuine spirit of this distinctive style blending art, science, and fantastic mechanics. It is the epitome of a steampunk puzzle.

The pre-cut parts are made from high-quality, sustainable wooden material and fit together like a puzzle. Use them to organize your thoughts and ideas, drive new insights, relieve stress, and regain control over your emotions. Let them become your everyday life companions as key charms or original trinkets. The premium natural wood is used to create the miniature clock 3D puzzle. Each puzzle piece is laser cut, then each edge is carefully sanded to ensure smoothness. Only taking 1 hour to assemble, a model kit that looks authentic is one that is embellished with realistic detailing. Being able to customize all surfaces makes it the perfect DIY wooden toy project for a pastime. Once put together, the mini–Steampunk Clock puzzle fidgets kit will be ready to display! There is no better way to pique someone's interest and introduce them to the intriguing realm of mechanics than to ask them to put together the captivating Steampunk Clock. Recommended ages 14 years old and up.

    • UNIQUE AND FUNCTIONAL DESIGN - The RJ Legend Steampunk Clock model kit features a tiny replica of a clock with a deftly carved body and an ingenious system that turns the gears and moves the clock's hands. The Steampunk Clock has lovely floral patterns, the Sun, stars, and the Moon as well as embellishments that resemble lace.
    • A STEP-BY-STEP ILLUSTRATED INSTRUCTION - Spend about 1 hour admiring the beautiful wooden construction set. The Steampunk Clock has the basic mechanics that let the wooden puzzle fidget by turning the wheel at the bottom of the base.
    • ENGAGE YOUR MIND - The high-quality wooden design of the wood puzzle will assist to improve creativity and fine motor skills while making every moment special and entertaining. It is composed of eco-friendly materials.
    • AWESOME GIFT FOR EVERYONE - The puzzle clock is a great gift for adults and children and makes an excellent addition to any collection for any DIY lover.
    • EDUCATIONAL PUZZLE KIT - How can kids and adults learn while having fun? Build this DIY cut 3D puzzle with your family and friends as a challenge, then show off your success as wall art or other decor for your home. Woodcraft construction kits for 3D puzzles foster creativity while helping to improve abilities including eye-hand coordination, problem-solving, and shape recognition.


    • Material: Wooden material

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    • Size (inches): 2.1" L x 3.1" W x 4.9" H

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    • Gender: Unisex 

    • Package Size: 10.8" L x 3.5" W x 0.4" H in 

    • Package Weight: 1 LBs 

    1. How difficult is it to assemble the Steampunk Clock puzzle?

    ANSWER: The puzzle is designed to be relatively easy to assemble, with pre-cut parts that fit together like a puzzle without the need for glue or toothpicks. The instructions are step-by-step and illustrated, so even those without much experience in construction sets should be able to put it together in about an hour.

    2. Is the Steampunk Clock made from environmentally friendly materials?

    ANSWER: Yes, the clock is made entirely from high-quality, sustainable wooden materials, making it an eco-friendly gift option. The wood used in the puzzle has been examined by labs across Europe to ensure its quality.

    3. What age range is the Steampunk Clock recommended for?

    ANSWER: The Steampunk Clock puzzle is recommended for ages 14 and up, making it a great option for both adults and older children. It can serve as a challenging and rewarding activity for those who enjoy puzzles or building sets.

    4. What skills can the Steampunk Clock puzzle help improve?

    ANSWER: Building the Steampunk Clock puzzle can help improve a variety of skills, including creativity, fine motor skills, eye-hand coordination, problem-solving, and shape recognition. It can be a fun and educational activity for families or groups of friends to do together.

    5. Can the Steampunk Clock be displayed once it's assembled?

    ANSWER: Yes, once the puzzle is put together, the mini-Steampunk Clock is ready to display. Its unique and functional design, with a tiny replica of a clock with intricate floral patterns and embellishments resembling lace, can make it a great addition to any collection or as wall art or decor for your home.