RJ Legend Pearl & Bell Tree Decoration, Small Christmas Ornament, Winter Decor

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Designed by Sunset Vista Designs, RJ Legends Metal Pearls and Bell Hanging Tree Christmas Decorations is a fantastic mini decor that can provide an experience and endure family memories provided by this ornament. For a distinctive and elegant appearance, hang these Pearl and Bell metal ornaments from your tree. Ideal for winter and holiday decorating.

Take pleasure in trimming the tree and embellishing it with anything from the classic stars, snowmen, and Santa to the beautiful and enjoyable variety of holiday ornaments that you can pair with your Pearl and Bell ornament design. They are handmade with a twist of elegance, and each one comes with a beautiful design that is sure to impress anyone that sees it hanging from the ceiling or anywhere in your home. A picture of your holiday traditions is worth a thousand words. Whether you decorate for Christmas, Hanukkah, or another winter celebration, we have the perfect ornament to showcase your favorite memories. This little wonderful ornament will surely make you feel the love and holiday spirit.

    • FULFILL THE CHRISTMAS JOY - RJ Legends Pearl and Bell Christmas Ornament Tree Decor is made with premium metal that shines bright like the top of the Christmas Tree star. It is attractive, and eye-catching, intended to convey the festive spirit and offer you joy.
    • PREMIUM METAL DECOR - Since the Pearl and Bell Christmas tree decorations are made of metal, it is dependable, odorless, safe, and usable in daily life. Additionally, metal is solid and not easily broken, corroded, or faded, so it will last for a long time and serve you.
    • REPRESENT YOUR SPIRIT - The metal tree ornament is a beautiful and useful bright decoration that can be used in various locations, including your door, tree, bookshelf, mantel, cabinet, or ceiling. It will give your home a holiday spirit.
    • PERFECT HEARTWARMING GIFT - You can pose as Santa Clause and slip these pendants into your loved ones’ stockings on Christmas Eve; they will be delighted and appreciative. Metal Christmas ornaments for trees are wonderful present options.
    • UNIQUE ORNAMENT STYLE - RJ Legends Pearl and Bell Christmas Metal Ornament was made of high-quality metal which is not easy to deform or fade making it lightweight to hang on your Holiday tree.


    • Material: Metal
    • SKU: 13968
    • Size (inches): 7.5" L x 0.5" W x 11.25" H 
    • Weight: 1.6 oz
    • Gender: Unisex 
    • Package Size: 8.5" L x 1.5" W x 12.25" H in
    • Package Weight: <1LB 
    • 1 x Pearl & Bell Tree Ornament

      1. What is the size of this ornament?

      ANSWER: The dimensions of this ornament are 4.5" L x 4.5" W x 1" H, making it a great size for hanging on a Christmas tree or using as a decorative accent anywhere in your home.

      2. Are these ornaments handmade?

      ANSWERYes, these metal pearl and bell ornaments are handmade with a twist of elegance, making each one unique and special.

      3. Can these ornaments be used for outdoor decorations?

      ANSWERWhile these ornaments are made of durable metal, they are not specifically designed for outdoor use and may not hold up well in harsh weather conditions.

      4. How many pearls and bells are on each ornament?

      ANSWEREach ornament features multiple pearls and bells, arranged in a beautiful and eye-catching design.

      5. What colors are the pearls and bells?

      ANSWERThe pearls and bells on this ornament are a beautiful silver color, adding a touch of elegance and sophistication to your holiday decor.