RJ Legend Wooden Mars Buggy Puzzle

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In 2050, NASA intends to send the first mission by humans to Mars. Elon Musk is an ambitious and enterprising man who plans to launch his own Mars exploration expedition in 2025. The moment has come to prepare for RJ Legends Mars Buggy to rule the red planet! Designed by UGear, The RJ Legend futuristic 3D puzzle Mars Buggy mini-mechanical model DIY kit will take you above and beyond. We have clear English instructions with accompanying advice. It's simple to follow along with and complete your own Mars Buggy.

The model kit wooden toy contains six wheels that are carefully interconnected to allow for improved maneuverability; the little assistant to this astronaut may ride around and over tiny obstacles to carry crucial samples to the base. The Mars Buggy's roof opens to allow for the carriage of light payloads. The Buggy can remain if you choose to use it in your workplace setting. High-precision lasers were used to pre-cut plywood boards into all 95 details, making assembly without glue or additional equipment possible. Its dimensions when fully built are 3.5” L x 2.4” W x 2.7” H in. Recommended for ages 14 and up.

    • UNIQUE AND FUNCTIONAL DESIGN - The RJ Legend Mars Buggy 3D wooden puzzle has a detailed and functional design that is driven by the six-wheel arrangement of the model stem kit, it is cleverly inter-connected to provide better maneuvering.
    • A STEP-BY-STEP ILLUSTRATED INSTRUCTION- Spend about 30 minutes admiring the construction of a clever robotic spacecraft stem kit. A six-wheel mechanical space rover called the Mars Buggy, designed by Ugears engineers in homage to the final frontier romantics was inspired by recent advancements in the space industry that are equally astounding and always thrilling.
    • ENGAGE YOUR MIND - The high-quality plywood design of the Mars Space Buggy 3D puzzle will assist to improve creativity and fine motor skills while making every moment special and entertaining. It is composed of eco-friendly materials.
    • AWESOME GIFT FOR EVERYONE - The Mars Buggy stem kit is a great gift for both adults and children and makes an excellent addition to any collection for any DIY lover.
    • EDUCATIONAL PUZZLE KIT - How can kids learn while having fun? Children can enjoy assembling this 3D space puzzle toy while simultaneously exercising and growing their imagination, creativity, and hand-eye coordination. Let them comprehend the Mars Buggy scientific premise!


    • Material: Plywood
    • SKU: UTG0069
    • Size (inches): 5" L x 2.4" W x 2.7" H 
    • Weight: 0.22 LBs
    • Gender: Unisex 
    • Package Size: 5" L x 9.5" W x 0.4" H in 
    • Package Weight: 1 LBs 

    1. Is any glue required to assemble the RJ Legend Mars Buggy model kit?

    ANSWERNo, the model kit is designed to be assembled without the need for glue or additional equipment. High-precision lasers were used to pre-cut plywood boards into all 95 details, making assembly easy and hassle-free.

    2. What age range is the RJ Legend Mars Buggy model kit recommended for?

    ANSWERThe Mars Buggy model kit is recommended for ages 14 and up. However, younger children may also enjoy assembling the kit with adult supervision.

    3. How long does it take to assemble the RJ Legend Mars Buggy model kit?

    ANSWERIt takes approximately 30 minutes to assemble the Mars Buggy model kit. The kit comes with clear English instructions and accompanying advice, making it simple to follow along and complete.

    4. Can the RJ Legend Mars Buggy model kit be used as a display item?

    ANSWERYes, the Mars Buggy model kit can be used as a display item after assembly. The Buggy's roof opens to allow for the carriage of light payloads, and it can remain in your workplace setting or home for display purposes.

    5. What educational benefits does the RJ Legend Mars Buggy model kit provide?

    ANSWER: Assembling the Mars Buggy model kit provides educational benefits, including improving creativity and fine motor skills, exercising imagination, and developing hand-eye coordination. Additionally, children can learn about the scientific premise behind the Mars Buggy while having fun assembling the 3D space puzzle toy.