RJ Legend Fish-Wave Pattern Cotton Oven Mitt & Spatula Set

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Designed by Tracy Pesche, Cook all your favorite dishes with ease with the Legend Fish-Wave Pattern Pure Thick Cotton Oven Mitt, Heat Resistant Padded Oven Glove, and 12-inch Round Handle Non-Stick Cookware Wood Spatula Set. This two-piece kitchen set includes an oven mitt with a beautiful fish-wave pattern, a wooden spatula with a cut-out heart, and a red handle that you will love. The wooden cooking utensil is perfect for eggs, pancakes, fish and so much more—ideal for small and medium-sized pans. The blade size makes it great for turning food, holding more food, and keeping it cool.

One great added touch is that the wooden spatula won’t scratch your favorite cookware. This cute oven mitt helps keep your hands burn-free during kitchen chores. The kitchen mitten is made of high-quality 100% cotton material that feels soft to the touch, and it has a padded design that helps prevent your hands from coming in direct contact with the hot oven. It also has a red loop for easy hanging. When it’s time to clean, just wash the spatula by hand, put the fish-wave pattern kitchen mitten in the washing machine, and start thinking about your next delicious meal.

    • HEAT RESISTANT AND FLAME RETARDANT - Not only are you cooking with style using the fish oven mitt, but the oven mitt gives you the pleasure of having heat resistance due to the fabric which makes flame retardant, and it is ideal for resisting heat up to 500 F.
    • PERFECT FOR ALL COOKING USES - The oven mitt and wooden spatula are great for cooking for any occasion, whether that be barbecues, cooking outdoors, or just having a regular family dinner the set will guarantee safety and a wonderful cooking experience.
    • EASY TO CLEAN - The high-quality cotton material makes these gloves easy to clean. You can wash them using a gentle hand or by putting them back in the washing machine. To maintain the quality of the wooden spatula, it should be washed with warm water and a soft sponge.
    • COOK WITHOUT A WORRY - The wooden spatula is incredibly durable and lightweight. It’s ideal for small and medium-sized pans. The size wide blade makes it great for holding more food and keeping it cool. The kitchen oven mitt is made from cotton, protecting your wrists and forearms.
    • SAFE FOR NONSTICK COOKING SURFACES - This solid wooden spatula won’t scratch kitchenware. It’s perfect for scraping, stirring, and tasting, and is classy enough to serve.


    • Material: 100% Cotton, Wood
    • SKU: 1004380130
    • Size (inches): Oven Mitt: 6" W x 12" L; Spoon: 3" W x 12" L 
    • Weight: 1.6 oz
    • Gender: Unisex 
    • Cleaning Method: Oven Mitt Tumble Dry - Low, Machine Wash - Delicate, Do Not Bleach, Wooden Spatula must be handwash only 
    • Package Size: 3" H x 8" W x 13" D in
    • Package Weight: 1 Lb. 
    • 1 x Oven Mitt

    • 1 x Wooden Spatula

      1. What is included in the Tracy Pesche kitchen set?

      ANSWER: The Tracy Pesche kitchen set includes an oven mitt with a fish-wave pattern and a wooden spatula with a red handle and cut-out heart.

      2. Is the oven mitt heat-resistant?

      ANSWERYes, the oven mitt is heat resistant and flame retardant, and is capable of resisting heat up to 500 F.

      3. Can the wooden spatula scratch non-stick cookware?

      ANSWER: No, the wooden spatula is safe for non-stick cooking surfaces and won't scratch kitchenware.

      4. How should the wooden spatula be cleaned?

      ANSWER: The wooden spatula should be washed with warm water and a soft sponge to maintain its quality.

      5. What material is the oven mitt made of?

      ANSWER: The oven mitt is made of high-quality 100% cotton material with a padded design to prevent direct contact with the hot oven.