RJ Legend Multicolor Rainbow Safety Matches, 2 Inches, Glass Jar

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Color Mulit/Rainbow

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A match is fire-starting equipment designed by Fredericks and Mae. Before the invention of matches, fires were occasionally started by focusing the sun on tinder through a blazing glass (a lens), a technique that could only be used on sunny days. RJ Legends Small Multicolor Safety Matches are a vibrant jar of rainbow matches that makes them an ideal present for the person in your life who loves candles. Our fashionable safety matches are the ideal addition to any setting.

They are ideal for any space, including your bedroom, living room, bathroom, and more. They have a modern, elegant, and rustic style. They go great with one of our candles as a present. No longer need to conceal your matches! They are high-quality safety matches that are simple to light and slow burning, making them great for lighting on any occasion. There are so many colors to pick from. You can choose a colorful alternative that meets your demands. The perfect accompaniment for your soy candles. The stylish bottles enhance your home because they are both ornamental and practical.

    • EYE CATCHING DECOR - Small but elegant and useful matches for candles and other lighting needs: picture matches in a matchbox on display jars. Small matches are packaged in a glass tube with a cork lid and a strike pad on the base.
    • VALUABLE GIFT - The ideal present for the candle enthusiast in your life. Much less of a hassle than lighter sticks and the long matches are a cute decor than any matchbox.
    • IMPROVE YOUR DECOR GAME - You no longer need to conceal your matches. The multicolor decorative accent is practical and attractive for your living room, bathroom, kitchen, fireplace area, or bedroom.
    • ALL-INCLUSIVE DESIGN - Our safety matches offer an all-in-one design that ensures you have all you require and more. The screw-on top safeguards your match point and keeps them all together in addition to having a strike pad on the jar.
    • REUSABLE JAR - Our glass jar that we offer with the matches is eco-friendly and can be reused anytime. You may purchase additional matches to top out your or even hold your cotton swabs.


    • Material: Matches, Glass, Cork
    • SKU: 20220413
    • Size (inches): 6" H x 2" W x 2" D 
    • Weight: 1 Lb.
    • Cleaning Method: Handwash Only 
    • Gender: Unisex 
    • Package Size: 7" H x 3" W x3" D in 
    • Package Weight: 1.2 Lbs. 
    • 1 x Small Jar with Matches

             1. What size are the safety matches in the jar?

      ANSWER:  The jar is 6H x 2W x 2D inches and the matches are 2 inches long.

      2. Is there a strike pad on the jar?

      ANSWER:  Yes. Each jar comes with a strike pad for your matches. It is located underneath the jar.

      3. What are the safety matches made of?

      ANSWER:  The safety matches are made up of wood.

      4. Are these matches strike anywhere matches?

      ANSWER:  These matches are only used to be started on a strike pad to properly function.

      5. Will the safety matches spontaneously combust?

      ANSWER:  Safety matches will not ignite unless rubbed on the striking pad provided on the glass jar.6

      6. How do the safety matches work?

      ANSWER:  The safety matches work by striking the match swiftly on the pad which will ignite due to the reactivity of phosphorus with the potassium chlorate on the match head.