RJ Legend Rooster Metal Kitchen Sign, Funny Hanging Wall Display

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Designed by Sunset Vista design, RJ Legends Metal Rooster Sign is 19.5" inches long and comes complete with a wavy edge for that weathered look and feel which reads, "Who needs google...women know everything!" and features an adorned confident rooster with a chest puffed out and its tail fanned out giving it that farm style vintage look. Are you a chicken lover? Then check out this Metal Rooster Sign.

This RJ Legend Exclusive takes pride in offering high-quality galvanized metal and professional-grade materials. Each piece is made with special attention to detail, creating an exquisite design that will last for years to come. This RJ Legends Rooster Metal Sign will surely get a laugh from your family and friends while adding character and charm to your farmhouse, kitchen, or barn. You can use this metal sign decor art to show off your personality and humor and is sure to be a conversation starter among your family, friends, and guests while bonding in the dining room or on your outdoor patio!

    • STRONG AND LIGHTWEIGHT MATERIAL - This high-quality RJ Legend Rooster Metal Sign is perfect for your kitchen, dining area, or living space. Weatherproof, suitable for usage inside or outside! This rooster sign is amusing for the yard or indoors and is quick & simple to install.
    • PREMIUM METAL QUALITY - This roost sign is handcrafted and made up of high-quality durable metal that has a cut-out of a rooster design. Comes complete with a wavy edge for that weathered look and feel.
    • METAL CHAIN ATTACHED TO EASILY HANG - Show off the craftsmanship art of the metal rooster sign. The display of the rooster hanging on a wall or over a mantel is ideal for getting the full effect. You can get creative on how you want the decor!
    • PERFECT HUMOROUS GIFT - This is an ideal funny gift for your rooster and chicken lovers that want to have a laugh every now and then.
    • FUN VINTAGE SIGN - This farm-style sign adds rural charm to your favorite place with its eye-catching typography reading, "Who needs google…women know everything!" You will share a memorable moment with your family and friends.


    • Material: Metal
    • SKU: 93420
    • Size (inches): 19.5” L x 11.5” W x 1" H 
    • Weight: 0.45 LBs
    • Gender: Unisex 
    • Package Size: 20.5" L x 12.5" W x 2" H in 
    • Package Weight: 1.6 Lbs. 
    • 1 x Rooster Sign

      1. Is the RJ Legends Metal Rooster Sign suitable for outdoor use?

      ANSWER: Yes, the rooster sign is weatherproof and can be used both indoors and outdoors.

      2. How is the RJ Legends Metal Rooster Sign installed?

      ANSWER: The rooster sign comes with a metal chain attached, making it easy to hang on a wall or over a mantel.

      3. What material is the RJ Legends Metal Rooster Sign made of?

      ANSWER: The rooster sign is made of high-quality galvanized metal, which is strong and lightweight.

      4. Is the RJ Legends Metal Rooster Sign a good gift option?

      ANSWERYes, the rooster sign makes for a great gift, especially for rooster and chicken lovers who appreciate a good laugh.

      5. What is the size of the RJ Legends Metal Rooster Sign?

      ANSWERThe rooster sign is 19.5 inches long and features a wavy edge for a weathered look and feel.