Cozyville Apron Set of 2, 100% Cotton Chef Apron

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Bunny Milkie - Don't Touch Hangry Chonks
US Flag
Cute Pumpkin - Let's Get Lit
Cute Mummy
Ghost BOO- fab-BOO-lous
Grim Reaper


    • PATRIOTIC EMBROIDERY CHEF APRON - Nothing more than the red, white and blue says America! Exquisitely embroidered grilling apron designed and applied right in the USA. We love our country! All of our grill aprons have embroidered designs on them for that classy, elegant look.
    • DURABLE QUALITY CHEF APRON - This pro-grade kitchen apron is handcrafted from 100% cotton canvas, breathable, wear-resistance, anti-shrinking, non-fading; grilling aprons for men are very comfortable, not easy to deform,100% new.
    • PREMIUM COTTON CHEF APRON - This cooking apron for women and men is made with 11.3-oz cotton canvas, a much heavier material than all the ones in market, so the chef apron can better protect you against from kitchen grease, hot oil splashes, water spills, and food stains.
    • ADJUSTABLE STRAP CHEF APRON - The self-fabric strap and waist band makes this bbq apron a simple and clean style for casual home chef’s everyday use. Large metal eyelet secures the adjustable neckband knot. Extra long 35-inch waist straps for comfortable wear.
    • UNISEX AND FLEXIBLE CHEF APRON - This kitchen apron, made to accommodate all height, measures 28 inches wide x 34 inches tall, for full coverage from chest to knee, and is unisex sizing.
    • DETAILED EMBROIDERY CHEF APRON - Exquisitely embroidered pattern designed and applied right in USA.
    • FASHION FOR ALL OCCASIONS - The perfect grill aprons for men and women are good for professional and commercial use: baking, coffee brewing, painting, home cooking, barbequing, serving, flower arranging, grilling, woodworking, gardening, and more. Cute apron can be used as bbq apron, chef apron, grill apron, kitchen apron, cooking apron, grilling apron, garden apron, stylist apron, shop apron, bartender apron, etc.
    • Material: 100% 11.3 Oz (320 gsm) Cotton Canvas
    • Product Dimensions (inch): 34”(Height) x 28” (Width)
    • Weight: 0.7 lb each
    • Design: Embroidery Of Your Choice
    • Embroidered in Wisconsin, USA
    • Regular cleaning of the canvas apron will enhance the overall look and will remove any permanent stain buildup.
    • Machine wash
    • Barber apron is best washed at 40 degrees centigrade or 100 Fahrenheit with gentle detergent.
    • Do not dry clean the men's kitchen apron.
    • Line dry or cool tumble dry the men’s cooking apron.
    • Do not bleach the baking apron.
    • Press the embroidery apron with medium heat.
    • Why get a chef apron from Cozyville?
    • Most known brands online feature 6-oz to 8-oz thickness material for average home apron. These average aprons for men and women will work all the basic functions such as covering up the body and clothes, but is not very protective to withstand the toughest kitchen and cooking endeavors. Cozyville thinks a good chef apron should protect the user from hot oil splashes when frying fish filets, water splashes when blanching vegetables, etc. With 11.3-oz premium quality, the extra strength chef apron for women and men from Cozyville is stronger and more durable much like the average jeans jacket, thicker, coarser, and stiffer than 6-oz to 8-oz material provided by most apron sellers. Cozyville grilling apron is a perfect companion for outdoor barbeque grilling for your pool party!

    • Who else should wear an apron? 
    • Yes, aprons are used outside of cooking at home or restaurants too! Although most people only think about cooking when others bring up the topic on aprons, there are more than hundreds of other uses for aprons. First, we need to understand why and who should wear an apron. Aprons’ main functions are to cover and protect its wearer from dirt, machinery, sharp objects, spills, and more. Its main purpose is to keep the user safe and clean. One can use apron for painting, crafting, hair styling, gardening, bartending, waitering, woodworking, welding, sculpting and more.
    • 1 x Apron

      1. What is the Patriotic Embroidery Chef Apron made of?

      Answer: The apron is handcrafted from 100% cotton canvas, which is a breathable, wear-resistant, and anti-shrinking material. It's also a heavier material (11.3 oz) than most other aprons on the market, making it better for protecting against kitchen grease, hot oil splashes, water spills, and food stains.

      2. Is the Patriotic Embroidery Chef Apron adjustable?

      Answer: Yes! The apron features a self-fabric strap and waistband, as well as a large metal eyelet to secure the adjustable neckband knot. The waist straps are also extra-long (35 inches) for comfortable wear.

      3. What type of embroidery does the Patriotic Embroidery Chef Apron feature?

      Answer: The apron features an exquisitely embroidered pattern, designed and applied right here in the USA. The design is patriotic in nature, with red, white, and blue colors prominently featured.

      4. Can the Patriotic Embroidery Chef Apron be used for anything other than grilling?

      Answer: Absolutely! While it makes for a great grilling apron, it can also be used for a variety of other activities, such as baking, coffee brewing, painting, home cooking, serving, flower arranging, woodworking, gardening, and more. It's a versatile and fashionable apron for all occasions. 

      5. Is the Patriotic Embroidery Chef Apron unisex?

      Answer: Yes, it is! The apron is designed to accommodate all heights and is sized 28 inches wide by 34 inches tall for full coverage from chest to knee. It's unisex sizing, making it perfect for men and women alike.