RJ Legend 4-Piece Wooden Gearsmas Ornament Set, DIY 3D Puzzle Kit

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Designed by UGears, RJ Legends 4-piece Gearsmas Ornament Set of individual miniature models/ornaments is ideal for grown-ups and kids. They are made entirely from wooden materials and assemble easily without glue or toothpicks. Use them to organize your thoughts and ideas, drive new insights, relieve stress, and regain control over your emotions. Let them become your everyday life companions as key charms or original trinkets. The premium natural wood is used to create the miniature ornaments 3D puzzle.

Each puzzle piece is laser cut, then each edge is carefully sanded to ensure smoothness. Only taking 10 minutes to assemble, a model kit that looks authentic is one that is embellished with realistic detailing. Being able to customize all surfaces makes it the perfect DIY wood toy project for a pastime. Once put together, the Gearsmas fidget craft kit will stay put and be ready to hang and be used as a lovely Christmas decoration. The set includes a Snowflake, Moon, Snowman, and Bell. Each model has basic elements of mechanics. Recommended ages 5 years old and up.

    • UNIQUE AND FUNCTIONAL DESIGN - The RJ Legend 4-piece Christmas 3D wooden puzzle kit has a detailed and functional design driven by the gear arrangement of the model craft kit; it is cleverly inter-connected to provide better maneuvering. Be happy to use your finished 4-piece mini ornament model to adorn your home for the holidays or to showcase it on your Christmas tree.
    • A STEP-BY-STEP ILLUSTRATED INSTRUCTION - Spend about 10 minutes admiring the beautiful ornament construction set. The miniature ornaments have the basic mechanics that let the wooden puzzle fidget.
    • ENGAGE YOUR MIND - The high-quality wooden design of the Christmas fidget puzzle will assist to improve creativity and fine motor skills while making every moment special and entertaining. It is composed of eco-friendly materials.
    • AWESOME GIFT FOR EVERYONE - The mini ornament fidgets are great gifts for adults and children and make an excellent addition to any collection for any DIY lover.
    • EDUCATIONAL PUZZLE KIT - How can kids and adults learn while having fun? Build this DIY cut 3D puzzle with your family and friends as a challenge, then show off your success as wall art or other decors for your home. Woodcraft construction kits for 3D puzzles foster creativity while helping to improve abilities including eye-hand coordination, problem-solving, and shape recognition.


    • Material: Wooden material
    • SKU: UTG0042
    • Size (inches): Snowflake: 0.6 x 1.6 x 1.9 in, Moon: 0.6 x 1.9 x 1.9 in., Snowman: 0.6 x 1.9 x 1.5 in. Bell: 0.6 x 1.8 x 1.5 in. 
    • Weight: 0.12 LBs
    • Gender: Unisex 
    • Package Size: 9" H x 3" W x 0.6" D 
    • Package Weight: 1 lb 

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