Cozyville Fragrances Soy Candle Tester Set, 5 PC, 2.7 Oz

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Color 5 PC Sampler Set - Small Candles

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Candles have evolved over time from a source of light to much more uses like for celebration, romance, decoration, and more. Candles are stylish, creates ambiance, and can light up the room or area and fill the room or space with fine aromas. Candles are also known to help one relax, feel calm, and get the mind to be more productive, and thus are often used to assist with relieving anxiety and depression, aromatherapies, and even spa massage treatments. Let Cozyville Candle take you on a sensory journey.

The luxury candle make perfect gifts for events and holidays like Weddings, Birthdays, Easter, Mothers Day, Halloween, Christmas. Candles are just the perfect gifts and a nice treat for yourself!

Description per fragrance is in below LIST OF FRAGRANCES.

    • The Perfect Home Decoration – Made from 100% food-grade soy wax and the finest fragrance oils to ensure the best experience for all our customers.
    • Long Burn Time of 23 Hours – All candles have lead free, cotton cored wicks, high burn point, and all candle fragrances is carefully selected and blended with all-natural soy wax and are free of dyes.
    • Environment Friendly Appreciation - Cozyville candles are environmentally friendly because we use American grown soybeans, minimalistic packaging, and recyclable containers.
    • Aromatherapy Candle Sampler for Relaxation - Coming in 2.7 oz container, the small candle is a perfect sampler size to get a taste of Cozyville’s hand-picked aroma candle fragrances.
    • Made in USA - All candle is customized and hand-poured in Tampa, Florida.
    • Compact Size for all Occasions – Whether for illuminating or decorating, the small candle tin sampler is suitable for all countertop, table, desk, or office use.
    • Holiday Storytime – Fresh-cut Frasier trees topped with aromatic notes of herbaceous snaps of fresh thyme and a bit of festive apple and berry.

    • Gentleman’s Touch – Beginning with black tea, sweet bergamot, and lemon notes combined with the soft floral notes of green Muguet, sweet geranium, clary sage, earthy oakmoss, and blonde woods.

    • Caramel Pumpkin – Sweet caramel blended with freshly steamed and frothy milk, expresso, and pumpkin to bring you a warm and delightful holiday blend.

    • Boy’s Night – Bold and complex notes of tobacco leaves paired with a sweet caramel-like vanilla bourbon, and finally, topped off with a layer of cinnamon.

    • Beachside Morning - Juicy citrus notes pairs with floral notes of fresh and peaceful white and green tea. Topped off with the sophisticated essence of sweet fig.

    • Material: 100% All Natural Soy Wax
    • Small Candle Size(volume): 2.7 oz
    • Small Candle Weight: 4.6 oz
    • Small Candle Warning: Never leave a burning candle unattended. Burn candle on heat resistant surface, away from children, pets, and flammable material or objects. Do not burn longer than 2 hours at a time. Container will be hot when candle is lit. Allow to cool before re-lighting. Discard candle when 1/2” of un-melted wax remains. Failure to follow instructions may result in hazard or injury.
    • 5 x Small Candle

      1. What are Cozyville Candles made from?

      ANSWER: Cozyville candles are made from 100% food-grade soy wax and the finest fragrance oils.

      2. What is the burn time for Cozyville candles?

      ANSWER: The burn time for Cozyville candles is 23 hours.

      3. Are Cozyville candles environmentally friendly?

      ANSWER: Yes, Cozyville candles are environmentally friendly as they use American grown soybeans, minimalistic packaging, and recyclable containers.

      4. Where are Cozyville candles made?

      ANSWER: All Cozyville candles are customized and hand-poured in Tampa, Florida.

      5. What occasions are Cozyville candles suitable for?

      ANSWER: Cozyville candles are suitable for all occasions including weddings, birthdays, Easter, Mother's Day, Halloween, and Christmas. They make perfect gifts and a nice treat for yourself.