Amex Rewards: Your Ticket to Free Travel

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There are many types of credit cards in the United States, which one is perfect for you?

  • I personally like this one - American Express Gold

Regardless you have your meal at home or outside, the x4 rebate provided by supermarkets and restaurants allows you to quickly accumulate AE credits. In addition, the card looks very beautiful

  • Mine is in rose gold color.

I use ANA's mileage program very frequently, so the AE’s credits are very suitable for my needs.

Everyone's needs are different, while the most commonly used airline mileage program is the source of credits you need most. This is the most basic way of judgment.

This card is a bank credit card (debit card). The card activation bonus now is 35,000 credits for each US$4,000 consumption. 

Though my referral, you can get a card activation bonus of 40,000 credits! Apply for an American Express Card with this link. We can both get rebated if you're approved!  

Applying through the CardMatch Tool ( me),  you will have a chance to get 50,000 credits bonus for card activation. 

US$100 annual Airline Credits rebate: up to $100 in statement credits per calendar year for incidental fees at one selected qualifying airline. 

The US$120 annual restaurants consumption rebate will be sent monthly, with US $10 each month, so there are a total of US $120 every year. (Available for Grubhub/Seamless/The Cheesecake Factory/Ruth's Chris Steak House/Shake Shack) Enrollment require

Pay-by-card rebates: 1x unlimited rebates, 4x rebates for restaurants/supermarkets consumption, 3x rebates for air tickets buying

Annual card membership fee: US$250

Annual supplementary card fee: the first five supplementary cards are free, each additional card will cost US$35 

No Foreign Transaction Fees

  1. The annual US$100 rebate for airline consumption can only be used for "Incidental Fee", that is, various special fees, such as luggage check-in and in-flight meals.
  1. The 4x rebate for supermarket consumption is only limited to the first consumption amount of US$25,000 in each card member year (Card Member Year), the subsequent consumption will get 1x rebate, and there is no consumption cap for restaurant 4x rebates. 
  1. The Hotel Collection .$100 Hotel Credit, to spend on qualifying dining, spa, and resort activities 4.Trip Delay Insurance 5. Baggage and car rental insurance 6. ShopRunner--Get free delivery in as little as 2 days* and free return shipping on qualifying.Enrollment required 7.Extended Warranty--Can extend the Original Manufacturer's Warranty for up to one extra year 8.Purchase Protection--Your Covered Purchases can be covered when they're accidentally damaged, stolen, or lost for up to 90 days


Enjoy Life~ Jaonne Tsay

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