RJ Legend Handcrafted Ceramic Trees, Cordless with LEDs, Set of 2

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The RJ Legend 15 Inch and 9 Inch ceramic decorative trees are timeless holiday decorations which you simply must have! Made from only the finest ceramics, hand painted and handcrafted with extra-attention to the finest of details, this pre-lit tree will transform your home, preserving that cozy atmosphere but bringing the spooky and/or festive factor needed for a proper holiday period. Each and every 15 Inch ceramic Tree has 50 or more colorful beads and 9 Inch has 35 or more colorful beads, each with a powerful LED light inside. Although small, these ceramic trees will shine bright, lighting up any room in your house within seconds.

Whether this is a special treat for yourself or a festive gift idea for a friend or colleague, these mini ceramic trees will certainly impress. The trees come in an elegant package, just waiting for you to put your name on it!

    • HAND-PAINTED FINISH - This mini ceramic Tree is the perfect addition to your holiday décor, beautifully handcrafted from superior quality, highly durable ceramics and hand painted with a special glossy finish for a magical touch!
    • MULTI-COLOR LIGHTS - Decorated with 35+ to 50+ multicolor plastic beads, these 9 Inch and 15 Inch ceramic trees will shine powerful, intense lights with LED, brightening any room of the house within seconds and transforming your holidays! All you must do is input 3 AA batteries at the base and enjoy the light effects!
    • LED BATTERY-OPERATED LIGHTS - Whether for yourself or as a unique gift idea for a special friend or colleague, this mini ceramic tree will certainly impress everyone. The tree comes in an elegant package, just waiting for you to put your name on it!
    • VERSATILE DECOR - Ideal for decorating homes, offices, or even classrooms with a little holiday horror.
    • COMPACT SIZE - The 15-inch and 9-Inch compact Ceramic Tree decorations are small enough to fit on any work surface at home or in the office. Maybe a table, desk, fireplace or mantelpiece? Wherever you decide to put it, once turned on, the powerful lights will attract attention and will be noticeable to anyone in the room.
    • Material: 100% Ceramic
    • Product Dimensions (inch):
      Halloween RJ-CER-BLK-L: 15”(Height) x 8.9” (Width) &
      Halloween RJ-CER-BLK-S: 9”(Height) x 5.2” (Width) &
      Christmas 15-INCH: 15" (Height) x 8.5" (Width) &
      Christmas 9.6-INCH: 9.6" (Height) x 5.2" (Width)Weight: 
    • 15-Inch: 4.50 lb &
      9.6-Inch: 2.5 lb &
      9-Inch: 2.5 lb
      Costumes: Weights may vary per unit
    • Plastic Bulbs: orange and purple plastic bulbs
    • Battery Style: LED battery-operated lights
    • Surface Material: Glossy finish
    • Special Design for Halloween Tree: Festive pumpkin topper and ‘Trick or Treat’ message at the base of the product.
        • 1 x 15-Inch Tree & 1 x 9-Inch Tree OR 2 x 9-Inch Trees (Batteries Not Included – 3 x AA batteries Required Per Tree) 

        • 1 x User Manual Per Tree

        • 1 x Registry Card Per Tree

          1. What are the dimensions of the RJ Legend ceramic trees?

          ANSWER: The RJ Legend ceramic trees come in two sizes: 15 inches and 9 inches.

          2. What type of batteries do I need to power the LED lights on the trees?  

          ANSWER: The trees require 3 AA batteries to power the LED lights.

          3. Are the ceramic trees fragile?

          ANSWER: While the trees are made from high-quality ceramics, they should still be handled with care. The handcrafted nature of the product means that it may be more delicate than mass-produced items.

          4. Can the trees be used as year-round decor or are they only suitable for the holidays?

          ANSWER: While the RJ Legend ceramic trees are perfect for holiday decor, the versatile design means that they can also be used as year-round decor in homes, offices, or classrooms.

          5. What is included in the package when I order an RJ Legend ceramic tree?

          ANSWER: Each RJ Legend ceramic tree comes in an elegant package, ready to be gifted or displayed in your own home. The package includes the ceramic tree, the LED lights, and any necessary instructions for assembly and battery installation.